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Helping animals in the best possible way!

The CALM Foundation was formed to act for the benefit of California Living Museum, a native California plant and animal zoo and botanical garden.

The CALM Foundation (Tax ID#77-0420446) is a nonprofit, tax–deducible organization that raises funds from the community to support the capital needs of the California Living Museum.

The CALM Foundation hosts the annual HolidayLights light show, now in its 15th year and the annual Beastly Ball.

Funds raised by from these events help support CALM’s efforts to grow and thrive.

Hanna Smith

Expert volunteer for years

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Help for a better and kinder world


Donation Info

Every time you donate you help an animal in our zoo!


How we work

We have a zoo and maintain the property as well as the animals.


How you can help

By donating, you help us with food for the animals, as well as medical care and maintenance.


How we help

We keep endangered species happy and healthy so we can have a better world.

Helping animals to the best of our skills!